Classic car with Loud Ass Horn Air Horn Kit
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Chrome Universal Dual Air Horns kit

Introducing the Loud Ass Horn Air Horn Kit – where sheer power meets sleek design. With this tankless electric marvel, you’ll command attention like never before. Our kit is an all-in-one powerhouse, featuring dual trumpets and compressors for a sound that’s not just loud, but awe-inspiringly clear.

The installation is a breeze with our included relays and wiring. Crafted with precision and premium materials, this air horn is the epitome of durability and performance. Don’t just make noise, make a statement. Get your Loud Ass Horns Air Horn Kit today, and let your presence resonate.

Classic car (Ford Mustang) with Universal Dual Air Horns in chrome from Loud Ass Horn

Loud Ass Horn!
Designed to be a Powerhouse

Producing a higher decibel sound to capture immediate attention. These horns are perfect in an emergency situation or in environments where there is a significant amount of background noise. A loud ass horn is crucial for ensuring safety and effective communication in high-noise environments.

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