About Loud Ass Horn

Loud Ass Horns, founded in 2021, offers a simple line of electric air horns. Universal fitment on any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV, etc… Our high-quality engineered components provide a simple wiring setup to your factory horn or a replacement for any 12V horn. Providing consistent sound quality without the need for an air tank. Creating the same sound at a more affordable price.

Universal Dual Air Horns in chrome on the About Loud Ass Horn page
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Meet Our Staff

Stephen Khadaroo CEO of Loud Ass Horn

Stephen Khadaroo


Nicola Singh COO of Loud Ass Horn

Nicola Singh


Nick K VP of Loud Ass Horn

Nick K


Dominick Dinapoli Regional Supervisor of Loud Ass Horn

Dominick Dinapoli

Regional Supervisor

Universal Dual Air Horns

Introducing the Loud Ass Horn Air Horn Kit where installation is a breeze with our included relays and wiring.

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